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Dawson's Creek

by Jason Kovar

Newcomer Kevin Williamson buddied up with lifelong idol Craven to produce the blockbuster Scream series aimed primarily at teens. Other productions include Dawson's Creek, Scary Movie, The Faculty and Teaching Mrs. Tingle. Williamson communicates "that we have grown up in a video store generation and that everything we do now references the media. Listen to your friends and co-workers talk; how many of them quote The Simpsons or Saturday Night Live or Ally McBeal or even Monty Python?" Does that describe and include you? According to friends, Wiliamson broke into occult experience at an early age, dabbling with the Ouija board. Apropos, his exploitation of violence possibly surpasses that of even Craven. Scream contains scenes of blood, gore and promiscuity, all with a propensity for total depravity. Scenes removed from the original movie deemed to violent contain disembowelment, hanging, head crushing, and throat slitting. Sarah Michelle Gellar of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, also starred in Williamson's Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. She haphazardly praises Williamson for his ability to twist people's minds. She says:

"I think Kevin Williamson almost began a new genre of horror. It's intelligent horror, it's horror that scares your mind, and I think that what can be done is that the [audience] can be scared in reality.... The thought of actually killing someone on the road, the thought of someone actually stalking you in your school or your plays with the mind."

Williamson is one of Hollywood's hottest commodities. With movie draws like the Scream trilogy, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Halloween H20 and Dawson's Creek, Williamson's teenage fan base continues to excel beyond anyone's widest expectations. The author of Open Secret: Gay Hollywood states the Williamson surge as follows:

"Kevin Williamson, the creator of horror franchises Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, in addition to the hit television series Dawson's Creek, is in charge of adolescent America in a way that no one in Hollywood has been since the heyday of Walt Disney."

This being the case, Williamson's message can also then be equated to the poison apple in Snow White. Williamson is an openly gay writer who deposits aspects of his life and immoral beliefs all throughout his creations. Williamson, who knows that "movies work so well in the cinema because you sit surrounded by other people and the tension is infectious, so that things...become charged," has also admitted that his homosexual advocacy has its outlet in his shows. "I wanted to speak through my work," says Williamson. The most obvious example is the gay character, Jack McPhee, in the teenage prone Dawson's Creek. Williamson acknowledges: "In Jack [McPhee] I wanted to create a character to represent my sexuality, which is my greatest asset in life. And so the storyline was born." He also stated that he "didn't want to make it an open-and-shut one episode situation. I wanted to explore the complexities of a young boy coming to terms with his homosexuality, very much the way I did in a small town." Williamson's agenda? He states: "we have to encourage our gay and lesbian children...But we also have to give them a world that is safe in which they can do that."

Should not Christians be even more concerned about providing an environment for themselves and loved ones that protects the souls set to inherit eternal salvation through Christ? So let us then make every effort to obey the command:

"Abhor what is evil; Cling to what is good." (Romans 12:9)

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