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The WWF Flesh Fest

by Jason Kovar

Two thousand years ago, the intolerant Roman emperor Nero brutalized the followers of Christ by dipping them in wax and then lighting them on fire in mocking array of their claim to be the lights of the world. Nero also derided their claims to be Christ’s sheep by clothing them in sheepskins and then throwing them to the lions amidst the mob’s delighted screams at the Roman Coliseum. The willing acceptance of such hostility had resulted from hundreds of years of gladiator bloodbaths, executions and fights to the death that had created a bloodlust among the people through desensitizing them to violent acts. Innocent people’s lives were wasted and destroyed all in the name of entertainment.

In the centuries following its fall, Rome has been severely chided for carelessly allowing itself to descend into such brutal, sadistic and violent perversions. However, two thousand years later, the graphically violent motion picture Gladiator, which centers around the perversity of the Roman games, wins the Best Picture Award Oscar at the Academy Awards while hundreds of millions of spectators give a hearty nod of approval. Gladiator was a blockbuster phenomenon that storied a man who was caught up in the violent games that have become synonymous with Rome and it’s culture. Is it altogether plausible that on a cultural level we are headed back to the twisted mindset of historic Rome and to the blood filled arenas that typified her? This article will present alarming statements made by the entertainment industry indicating precisely that.

As does any culture that becomes fascinated and consumed with immorality and violent bloodlust, the snowball only continues to grow until it ultimately collides with God’s judgement and is brought to an end. The Hollywood insider, David Puttnam, who produced such films as The Mission and Chariots of Fire, made the following revelatory statement:

“What we think of now as the excesses of the Roman circuses, where in the end hundreds of thousands of people died, didn’t start that way. They started legitimately as circuses, extremely mild entertainment. But the audience demand for more and more resulted in that form of entertainment becoming more and more grotesque. What might have been a woman raped publicly by a centurion, a year later was a woman raped publicly by an ass, and ten years later was ten women raped publicly by a hundred asses. The audience’s desire for that goes way back, deep into history. Someone has to say ‘Enough!’…It’s bad for us, we’re damaging ourselves. We are untying the fabric of our society.”

This lust for more can be traced “way back” because the issue is the sinfulness of men’s hearts, which the Bible says is the timeless problem. And with the advent of Hollywood, “untying the fabric of our society” has become very easy because of its amazing ability to influence the masses with sinful exploits.

This is quite alarming considering the effects of visual imagery. On July 26, 2000, the Congressional Public Health Summit issued a joint statement on the ‘Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children.’ It reads as follows:

“Although a wide variety of viewpoints on the import and impact of entertainment violence on children may exist outside the public health community, within it, there is a strong consensus on many of the effects on children's health, well-being and development.

Television, movies, music, and interactive games are powerful learning tools, and highly influential media. The average American child spends as much as 28 hours a week watching television, and typically at least an hour a day playing video games or surfing the Internet. Several more hours each week are spent watching movies and videos, and listening to music. These media can, and often are, used to instruct, encourage, and even inspire. But when these entertainment media showcase violence - and particularly in a context which glamorizes or trivializes it - the lessons learned can be destructive.

The effect of entertainment violence on children is complex and variable. Some children will be affected more than others. But while duration, intensity, and extent of the impact may vary, there are several measurable negative effects of children's exposure to violent entertainment. These effects take several forms.

-Children who see a lot of violence are more likely to view violence as an effective way of settling conflicts. Children exposed to violence are more likely to assume the acts of violence are acceptable behavior.

-Viewing violence can lead to emotional desensitization towards violence in real life. It can decease the likelihood that one will take action on behalf of a victim when violence occurs.

-Entertainment violence feeds a perception that the world is a violent and mean place. Viewing violence increases fear of becoming a victim of violence, with a resultant increase in self-protective behavior and a mistrust of others.

-Viewing violence may lead to real life violence. Children exposed to violent programming at a young age have a higher tendency for violent and aggressive behavior later in life than children who are not so exposed.”

It has become practically impossible to intelligently believe that Hollywood is not influencing society for ill. Prior to the fall of the Roman Empire, which collapsed from immoral decay within, Cicero, predicting the culture death of Rome, stated:

“If we are forced, at every hour, to watch or listen to horrible events, this constant stream of ghastly impressions will deprive even the most delicate among us of all respect for humanity.”

Hollywood has been successful in transforming the world to a deprived culture of death, driving out the standards of humanity that previously prevailed. Film director Oliver Stone, known for his contributions to this problem through his cinema displays of graphic violence and destruction of taboo, connects the dots:

“When ‘Question Authority!’ becomes the chief slogan of a culture, that culture is doomed because it won’t be able to hang together. The cynicism has now gone too far. We are becoming what the history books tell us late Rome was like- mired in decadent self absorption and lacking virtue.”

Filmmakers are stealthily exacerbating mankind’s depravity and rigorously hustling their ideologies to a conditioned public. As Marlon Brando confides, “Acting is just hustling.” Thus, as a result, we are being hustled as was the Roman Empire, only on a much larger scale considering that the Romans did not have the mass media constantly snipping at their heels. In due fashion, our decline from a great nation to a wicked perverse nation has been that much sharper.

The gladiators in Rome’s day were pivotal for ushering in a new era of violence that became the norm. Today, countless people are initiated into violence as the norm by our modern day Roman gladiators- “professional” wrestlers. The World Wrestling Federation (WWF), which is the primary organization pushing the wrestling venue, revels in its displays of barbarism. One of the latest shows was par for the course -- wrestlers beat each other with poles wrapped in barbwire, metal chairs, metal trashcans, sledgehammers, sticks and crutches. One wrestler threw another through a glass window. Another was dragged behind a bus in a cage. Another had his face burned with a flame-thrower.

While these displays are still watered down compared to Rome’s, they aggressively push the envelope and expose society, especially the children, to more and more gratuitous violence and depravity. All in all, society is being buttered up for gradual increases in violent fare. The now defunct American Gladiators television show was somewhat tame compared to the more raw Ultimate Fighting Championships that began a new era of fighting entertainment. Wrestling followed suit and also turned up the heat. Like the frog in the proverbial pot, society is forcibly becoming desensitized to increases in violent mayhem. We are spiraling down as illustrated by film director Martin Scorsese’s comments: “Maybe we need the catharsis of bloodletting and decapitation like the ancient Romans needed it…”

The public’s reception of these wrestlers is quite frightening. The WWF cable shows Heat, Raw is War and Smackdown! are watched weekly by millions, making them the highest rated cable shows on television. And exactly what do these highly rated shows offer? A 1998 one-year secular study, conducted by Indiana University’s Department of Telecommunication, found that in the typical two hour Raw is War program, only an average of 36 minutes was devoted to wrestling. They reported that the rest of the time was filled with multiple incidents of sexual and violent interactions, including:

Kicks to the groin: 273

Garbage cans, chairs and brooms used as weapons: 609

Profane descriptions of people: 158

Obscene finger gesture: 157

Simulated sexual activity: 128

Scantily clad women: 70

Satanic activity: 47

Urinating: 21

Portrayal of a prostitute: 20

This study was completed over two years ago and since then these statistics have only escalated. While just a few short decades ago this would have been considered depraved and barbaric by the mainstream public, it is now becoming acceptable and is openly funneled into the minds and hearts of the youth as many parents sit by and do nothing.

The concerns listed above are materializing as real problems for society. The WWF Smackdown! program routinely exposes children to obscene, raunchy and violent content on a weekly basis- regularly featured characters include a pimp and his “Ho Train,” a sex addict and a porn star. Episodes contain women mud wrestling topless, homosexual innuendo, and drug references. Violent content includes wrestlers being beaten with chairs, poles, pipes, 2x4’s, sledgehammers, street signs, chains, a piano top, and hockey sticks, getting smashed through tables and windows, getting run down by cars, rammed by a semi truck and being set on fire. Foul language includes audible s--- and bleeped out f--- and motherf---er words.

The book of Proverbs warns against associating with an angry man lest you learn of his ways and become like him. Children, who are the ultimate targets of these productions, are becoming just like those that are heroically portrayed on them. Steve Danish, a sports psychology professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, says young children, especially those under 8 are not able to distinguish fantasy from reality when it comes to wrestling violence. To be sure, children are imitators by nature. Consider televisions powerful ability to lure children into a false reality during the 1950’s TV show Superman- which prompted youths to jump off roofs with sheets on their backs in adoring imitation of their hero. The current graphic images fed to the children today go way beyond those and bend their impressionable sense of adventure to dangerous levels.

The youth have always imitated whatever society places on a pedestal. David Franzoni, who developed the story and screenplay for the blockbuster film, Gladiator, nailed this fact when he stated:

“You can really finger a society by its favorite entertainment… Whether there's truth or not becomes irrelevant, as long as you can sell your message. Have you ever seen one of those bumper stickers on the Hollywood Freeway: my third-grader just beat up your honor student…That's part of our culture. In Rome it became the culture. The street gangs were so rampant in Rome at night you could not go out without a bodyguard. Many of these gangs would dress as gladiators. Little kids would re-enact gladiator battles.”

Today, across the country in cities everywhere, kids in street gangs rule and are reenacting battles on a nightly basis. Hollywood entertainers, including those in the wrestling echelon, clearly see the terminal effects of their propaganda, yet even at the expense of the innocent children, continue to pump society full of adverse entertainment.

Due to human nature, historical events, and not to mention numerous studies on the subject, the world at large has long viewed gratuitous violence as destructively addictive and dangerous. The comedy legend, Sid Caesar, clearly understands this and has warned:

“This is getting like Rome, because you give [the audience] more, they want more. Once you get used to blood, that’s what you want. It becomes a bloodlust. And this is crazy. This is absolutely insane. Monkey see, monkey do, believe me.”

Not only is Vince McMahon, the chairman and owner of the WWF, making monkeys out of people, but he also clearly understands these facts yet irresponsibly continues to peddle his harmful shows to his viewers. By desensitizing our youth to violence, he is initiating them into the same addictive violent culture of death that hooked ancient Rome and contributed to their downfall. In fact, McMahon has even referred to his audience as mice and to his shows as traps for catching them. He confessed:

“I don't know that this fight will ever be over. We've seen our pay-per-view buys increase dramatically. We've seen our attendance increase dramatically at house shows. People all over the world are clamoring for the World Wrestling Federation in one form or another. It may be because we have a better mouse trap."

His trap is working. The trap, of course, is set for the children.

In the aftermath of an alarming number of school shootings, President Clinton ordered a Federal Trade Commission report on the marketing of violent movies, music, and videogames to children and teenagers. The FTC released their report on September 11, 2000, and their findings seem to confirm what many have suspected for some time. The recent results dropped the axe on many in the media who were caught with their hands in the cookie jar targeting the youth with violent and sexual themes. The Executive Summary of the report reveals:

“The Commission's literature review reveals that a majority of the investigations into the impact of media violence on children find that there is a high correlation between exposure to media violence and aggressive, and at times violent, behavior. In addition, a number of research efforts report that exposure to media violence is correlated with increased acceptance of violent behavior in others, as well as an exaggerated perception of the amount of violence in society.”

The entertainment industry has been trained to give textbook answers that play down or spin their blatant targeting of the youth, however, many WWF hierarchy have flatly admitted to it. On a recent Court TV special, “Wrestling with Death,” Dave Meltzer, a top wrestling industry reporter, said that the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and the World Championship Wrestling (WCW) “clearly market towards four to eleven year olds.” Wrestling announcer, Chris Cruise, passionately agreed. He stated:

“I’ll look any wrestling promoter in the eye and say to them, ‘You’re lying. You’re a d--- liar if you say you’re marketing to adults.”

Another top professional wrestler acknowledged the awful truth, stating: “We are selling the children. Wrestling sells the children.” One clear way in which they attempt to do this is by structuring the shows in “soap opera” style so that the audience will get caught up in the story lines that are developed and have to tune in at a later date to find out how situations are resolved.

As if the broad array of effects from these perverse objectives were not bad enough on the children, the WWF seeks to exacerbate their harmful effects by destroying any protective and restrictive influence that parents have in the home. Non-rated WWF videotapes that are loaded with even more violence and sexual innuendo than the cable programs instruct the children on the video cover:

“Kids put your parents to bed, they can’t handle watching this” and “Parental discretion is advised but completely f’n ignored!!!”

If this is upsetting to your sense of right and wrong, the WWF views you nothing more than an “out of touch egg-head.” Vince McMahon, chairman and owner of Titan Sports Ltd., who does business as the WWF, arrogantly reacted to criticism with:

“I am thoroughly proud of the television programming we produce and it pleases me to no end to know how much enjoyment it gives so many people...out of touch moral crusaders who don't have a clue and egghead professors with flimsy studies treat the common man with contempt.”

He is the one who is wretchedly treating the common man by planting seeds of mayhem within the youth that will eventually one day come to fruition and botch the future of our society. The book of Proverbs confirms: “A violent man entices his neighbor and leads him down a path that is not good.” McMahon’s inflammatory comments reveal the true heart of those who operate and control the wrestling arena. Jesus taught that “out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” As we can see, the hearts of those in the wrestling federations favor depravity and are opposed to moral civility, which betrays any guise of respectability they deceptively seek to portray.

Jeff Goldberg, an elite professional wrestler on television, says that mothers constantly call him to ask if he would tell their kids to stop hitting themselves in imitation of his style in the ring. These are not isolated incidents. Last year alone, a 12-year-old Florida boy was charged with murder in the death of a 6-year-old neighbor girl who was thrown into an iron stairway railing, a move he had seen on television. A 3-year-old Texas boy died after his 7-year-old brother put a so-called "running clothesline" move across his throat. A 12-year-old boy in the state of Washington was convicted of second-degree felony murder after repeatedly body-slamming his 18-month-old cousin on a couch.

Barry Blaustein, a well-known Hollywood screenwriter as well as producer of the wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat, lends his insight into our growing dilemma:

“Wrestling used to be much more morality-based. Good guys would eventually triumph at the end. Now those lines have totally eroded. What you have is such misogynistic fever; whoever's the most brutal is the winner…But it also teaches, especially to kids, that brutality is the right way. Kids are duplicating wrestler moves in school.”

The kids may be failing English and Math, but they are getting an A+ in television instruction.

A recent TV special on the professional wrestling venue aired a segment entitled ‘Backyard Kids.’ It revealed children rolling out tarps in their yards only to repeat and practice the moves of those in the ring. Chair smashing, pile driving, kicks and hits to the face etc… resulted in teenage children that were dripping in blood by the time the matches were over. Their motivation for their behavior was based on the idea that they eventually want to become real wrestlers themselves. Adults may scorn some of wrestling’s fake dramatics, but the children are buying into McMahon’s “mouse trap” hook, line and sinker.

Even worse, McMahon apparently knows his high status among the nation’s youth, but ceases to curb his exploitative programs. Of the behavior that occurs in and out of the ring, McMahon stated:

“We push the envelope, and then we pull back…Do we slug each other with steel chairs? Yes.”

This is startling, considering his admission on a recent Raw is War program that “many of you around America look at me as a role model.” McMahon is aware that Americans admire him as a role model, which means that they model his character. On his programs, McMahon shows himself cheating on his wife, going into violent fits of rage, promoting theft, lying, cheating, greed and lusting before scantily clad women. The desensitization that he is spreading through his social experiment has only seen the tip of the iceberg.

History tells us that violence and sex were intertwined in the bloodlust-saturated Rome. The WWF is successfully contributing to “untying the fabric of our society” by unifying the two as well. Peddling sex and immorality is a critical part of the WWF’s agenda, this according to McMahon himself. He stated: “People are very interested in sex, and we will exploit that as best as we possibly can.” Women wrestlers flaunt their sexuality on stage and performances are laced with sexual innuendo. Some of his female wrestlers have even gone so far as to appear in multiple editions of Playboy magazine. In edition to Playboy’s pornography, the shows themselves saturate the viewer in as much sex as possible. For instance, “The Godfather,” dresses as a pimp surrounded by prostitutes, which he calls his “Ho Train.” If he is defeated, his opponent takes the women from him for the night. Where do these ideas come from? The WCW hired two scriptwriters, who write lines for wrestlers to recite, away from the WWF who admit they watch Jerry Springer's talk show for inspiration. Springer’s program cloaks itself under the category of a “talk show” when in reality is little more than filthy shock and exploit television.

Those who are ramming their moral sewage down the throats of the public are incontrovertibly transforming the culture under a cloak of entertainment. Even the secular media, which is quite liberal in its views, can see the obvious downward spiral. Newsweek magazine commented: “McMahon has set new standards of sleaze, outraging some parents and embarrassing many…Cardboard good guys and bad guys were replaced with pimps, porn stars and sociopaths.”

In the Biblical record, as reported in the book of Genesis, we get a far better perspective of events and human nature than the news media could ever present. We find that the world had degenerated away from God and into a state of ongoing violence. Genesis 6:5-11 tells us:

“The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain. So the LORD said, ‘I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth--men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air--for I am grieved that I have made them.’ But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.…Now the earth was corrupt in God's sight and was full of violence. God saw how corrupt the earth had become, for all the people on earth had corrupted their ways.”

Just as there was a propensity for violence in Noah’s day, so there is in ours. Jesus declared that when He returns, it would be as it was in the days of Noah. (Matthew 24:37) Our current cultural subversions are producing a violent people that will prove the Lord’s words true at His return where He will destroy those who oppose Him. The book of Proverbs states that “the unfaithful have a craving for violence.” When men turn away from the Spirit of God, some of the natural manifestations they will exhibit are hatred, discord and fits of rage. (Galatians 5:19-21) Satan only encourages this kind of behavior and is only wetting the world’s appetite for a rebellion of violence that will surpass even that of the bloodthirsty Rome. As McMahon admitted, the envelope is being “pushed” through wicked organizations like the WWF.

Just as Rome went through gradual phases which transformed it into a culture of violence where putting Christians to death became a joyous sport, so the entertainment industry is progressing our impressionable society through these same phases which are transforming us as well. The old saying that those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it holds true. We are on a modern day cultural collision course with this fact. The screenwriter for Gladiator, David Franzoni, clearly understands that we are headed back in time to Rome’s blood soaked arenas:

“The Coliseum was a machine, too. Everyone who died was chopped up and their bodies were put into a butcher shop--legs, arms, whatever--and then fed to the animals. They were recycled… Prostitutes plied their trade in the audience during the most brutal sections of the entertainment because that's when the Romans were most aroused. It's us tomorrow. We will get there.”

Hollywood is making movies that promote and contibute to the very downfalls our society will be facing.

Animosity toward Christians has been growing on every front. The United States of America, which used to be a safe haven for Christians, is rapidly becoming a predominant aggressor against them. Disdain for Christians is growing in leaps and bounds. Marilyn Ferguson, the New Age guru who penned the book, The Aquarian Conspiracy, stated that whoever disagreed with their philosophies would be exterminated. The chief Satanist of the 20th century, Aleister Crowley, wrote of his rabid hatred for Christians and how their bloodbath would usher in the coming of the New Age. Countless other threats have been leveled against Christains over the last few decades.

The book of Revelation prophesied this growing antagonism with the end result being a massive loss of life. (Revelation 7:13-14) Ultimately, as it was in Rome, Christians will be forced to undergo brutalities and extermination from those who follow Satan’s antichrist in the New World order. Incidentally, wrestlers entitled their programs for years with “NWO,” or “New World Order,” and pushed these philosophies under the guise of entertainment. Christians who are caught up in this are supporting a subversive agenda that is aimed directly at them.

Fueled by the media, the growing hatred toward Christianity is igniting the ancient Roman attitude of persecution. A film review for the movie Gladiator on the Gay Today website begins with the following statement:

“It had been a while since I’d seen the classic, Quo Vadis, a Roman coliseum-based extravaganza in which the insane Emperor Nero, expertly played by Peter Ustinov tickled my fancy most. He presided, natch, over the bloodiest kinds of carnage and I felt most indebted to him when he said exactly what I’d been thinking all along: ‘Throw the Christians to the lions.’ Hoping for a return to such a coliseum of yesteryear…I traipsed to a local AMC theatre to see if I couldn't just get into the unnecessarily vengeful spirit of things.”

Wrestlers are also fanning anti-Christian sentiments into flame. Wrestler turned politician, Jesse Ventura, said in a Playboy interview that “organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers.” This from a former “professional” wrestler? Talk about a sham.

Another icon among wrestling fans is known as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who revels in taunting and mocking the Christian faith. He is making it popular to do so by supplanting the commonplace placards at various sports events that display “JOHN 3:16,” with his own, “AUSTIN 3:16.” Shirts, commercials, and other fan merchandise have made the mocking slogan a symbol of wrestling. Austin initiated the “gospel of Austin 3:16” after defeating a Christian wrestler who spoke of his faith in the Bible. After hearing a gospel message before a live audience, Austin responded with the now infamous:

“Talk about your Psalms and John 3:16. Austin 3:16 says, ‘I just whipped your a--.’”

This was received with delight as evidenced by the deafening screams of the entire stadium.

Ted DiBiase, a former wrestler who also earlier managed “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, bemoans Austin’s standard performances of beer guzzling, bellowing profanity, and flashing obscene gestures before entering the ring. Now a Christian who has placed his personal faith in the person of Jesus Christ, DiBiase calls it as he sees it: “Austin 3:16 is blasphemy any way you look at it.” He also notes that 6 million Austin 3:16 T-shirts have been sold in this country. Austin’s newest shirt states ‘DO UNTO OTHERS’ with a coiled rattlesnake ready to strike- and thus presents Jesus’ words as a perverse reason to initiate acts of aggression.

In talks at churches, DiBiase asks youths how many watch pro wrestling on TV. Dozens of hands go up. Cheers rise when he mentions that he managed Austin. But DiBiase sets them straight. “I'm not proud of wrestling,” says DiBiase, who refuses to allow his sons to watch WWF shows. “It has taken the low road. There are no more heroes.”

The book of Revelation confirms we are headed toward a radical persecution of believers, as the kingdom of antichrist will kill innumerable amounts of people who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Already, Christians are considered by many to be less than human and as the cause of the world’s woes. It is very likely that as it was in the days of Rome, where Christians were sacrificed as objects of entertainment in spectator sports, that modern day alternative sports, like the WWF, are warming up an aggressive hostility that will ultimately culminate in televised Christian persecutions. Network executives will do anything for high ratings, and to a depraved people devoid of the Spirit of God, pay-per-view death games would quickly catch on.

Consider the recent decision by the conservative Attorney General John Ashcroft, to forbid Timothy McVeigh’s execution from being displayed on pay-per-view, much to the chagrin of the entertainment industry. The public is beginning to demand more and when the outcry is loud enough they will get it. Moviemaker Oliver Stone, who not only effects but also monitors the pulse of America, substantiates this destiny:

“Yes…we got the bug; the virus is in us…it’s gotten bigger and bigger and bigger; it’s more and more and more. We’re gonna have an execution channel; we’ll have it.”

Satan revels in coupling death and entertainment. Nebuchadnezzar, who is a picture of the antichrist to come, created a “spectacle” type death in a furnace for those who refused to bow down to his image of gold. The Satanically inspired Haman constructed massive gallows to murder God’s people on for all the population to see. Rome poured out the blood of Christians like water before packed stadiums. Do not be surprised at the fact that this is where we are ultimately headed. The book of Ecclesiastes states:

“That which has been is that which will be. And that which has been done is that which will be done. So, there is nothing new under the sun.”

We are going full circle. When the Satan possessed antichrist sits in the temple and claims to be God, he will declare Christians and Jews as less than human and order that they be sacrificed to him. The Roman executions of yesteryear will eventually pale compared to the culture of death that we will face under this beast. Consider the comments of Gladiator’s screenwriter, David Franzoni, who confirms the reality of who we are as a culture and makes the obvious connection between professional wrestling and those who shed blood in the Roman Coliseum:

“Someone gave me a book on the Coliseum. It was a real tawdry potboiler, but it connected my mind to professional wrestling and modern sports heroes with the gladiators in the Coliseum. The whole intent of the film was to be about us and not them…In order for them to have these games, the arena had to be a temple. Every game became a sacrifice to the gods…They started out with wrestling. Everything the Romans had originally came from antiquity, straight wrestling, for example, but in the Coliseum it all became a perversion…Every culture, in order to justify mass killings, has to classify their victims as less than human…It’s us.”

He is right. It is us and as long as these entertainers insist on pumping its garbage into the minds and hearts of the youth, it will continue to be us. The ante is slowly being raised as these smut pushers continue to lead a revolution against righteousness and civility. Revelation 13:15 denotes that this revolution will continue to gain momentum and result in a mass killing of those who refuse to take the mark of the beast (666). The cancer is spreading and will continue to get much worse before it is eradicated at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In fact, Oliver Stone, who knows we will have televised executions as entertainment, insidiously invites this death and destruction as illustrated by his following statement:

“I think America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. Let the mothers weep and mourn.”

The Hollywood elite cares nothing for individuals or their welfare. God, on the other hand, became a man and left heaven to die on a cross because he cares about each and every individual person. By this, He has made a way for us to be with the Father in heaven. Why would anyone choose to follow those who rule the silver screen and care nothing for them but reject the One who rules the heavens and the earth and cares everything for them? It’s an easy call yet hundreds of millions have been blinded by Satan the deceiver, whose purpose is to blind the minds of unbelievers so that they will not see the gospel and glory of Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 4:4) Don’t let Satan put you in a spiritual chokehold. Call out to Jesus, who will rescue you from your sins if you repent of them and ask for forgiveness. He is waiting for you to place your trust in Him.

The apostle Peter warned us to arm ourselves to suffer. (1 Peter 4:1) We must be resolute about this because God old King Ahaz, “Stand firm in your faith or you will not stand at all.” (Isaiah 7:9) Let us make sure that we are standing firm in the truths of the Scripture and not dabbling in the wicked exploits from this doomed world system. Our hearts need to be hot for Jesus, not “Stone Cold” like those in the world. Jesus saves us from the wrath that is to come, so let us cling to Him and pray for His strength instead of selling out our imaginations to these Hollywood writers who distract us, who are only quickening the violent unrest they know is to come.

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